Check-in & Check-out times

  • Check-in is anytime between 01:00pm and 04:00pm. Please contact the admin office timeously should there be a need to check-in outside of these hours.
  • Checkout by 10:00am please.
  • Keys to be returned to helpers prior to departure.
  • You are welcome to tip our helpers on departure if you so wish. They would be appreciative thereof.

Licenses & Permits

  • Anglers to please bring their fishing licenses along and to present to authorities if so required as regular patrols and random searches of lodges (checking fridges etc.) are done. The Wilds encourages responsible fishing from all of its patrons.
  • For those who enjoy crayfish, be sure to tick this option when applying for your fishing license, but please be cognizant of the regulations that include a bag limit of 8 a day and a size limit of 65mm. Crayfish season is the 01st March to 31st October of every year.
  • Please also note that driving on the beaches or off any of the service roads is prohibited unless you have a permit to do so. Heavy penalties are imposed by the authorities if breached. For more information including the application process, checkout our ‘downloads’ tab. You are welcome to contact the admin office to assist you in applying for a permit.


  • Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at the lodge.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the units.
  • Take note of and heed any of the signs posted inside and outside of the lodge. They are there to ensure your safety and well-being.
  • Nothing beats the sound of crackling wood on a fire so please feel free to start these up and enjoy, but we do request that fires be put out properly before turning in for the night.
  • Please refrain from starting fires during windy conditions.
  • The main unit makes use of a septic tank and given the complexities with this type of system, please avoid discarding objects such as sanitary napkins, tampons, disposable nappies or any other product that does not breakdown easily, as it will cause the septic tank to block.
  • We request that you use water sparingly given its scarcity in these rural areas, for example limiting showers to once a day per patron.
  • Please respect our neighbours by keeping noise levels to acceptable norms, particularly at night. Sound tends to travel much further in this type of setting.
  • Given the rural environment, livestock is plentiful and tend to wander onto the property, generally harmless but if a nuisance please persuade them gently out of the property. Villella our helper will be on hand to action if so required.
  • Only service staff and patrons are allowed onto the property. Gillies to sit at the designated area. Service staff have been informed to assist with trespassing issues.
  • Our service staff are obliged to carry out the lodges rules/policies hence if any concerns/issues with any of these please contact the admin office directly.
  • We are always looking to improve our facilities so please feel free to email the admin office with any suggestions and send us pics to post on our website or to put into our picture frames at the lodge.
  • Our final policy is for our patrons to relax, have fun and enjoy this beautiful place, leaving refreshed and satisfied and looking forward to your next visit.
Disclaimer & Indemnity:
  1. It is an express condition of entering onto or residing at The Wilds Fishing Lodge that all patrons and visitors will be bound by this indemnity. The person making the booking agrees to inform all patrons in his/her party of the contents hereof and all such persons will be considered bound by the provisions contained herein.
  2. All patrons/visitors entering onto or residing at the property do so entirely at their own risk. Right of Admission is reserved.
  3. The Wilds Fishing Lodge and / or any other person, or staff member, or subcontractor, or instructor or person in anyway connected to The Wilds is not liable and cannot be held liable for any death, or injury, or illness, or loss, or damages sustained by any person whatsoever, including that arising from any act or omission, and whether supervised or not, arising directly or indirectly from using any part of the building premises or any structure, or the  land surrounding the premises, or any other part of the premises, or from activities and equipment thereupon.
  4. All patrons/visitors and especially those with children must take specific note of the following, The Wilds Fishing Lodge’s owners, employees, agents, contractors shall not be held liable for loss of life, bodily injury or damage to or loss of property as a result of the following activities/situations:
    • The Wilds Fishing Lodge is located near the ocean and there are no life guards on duty. Entering into the sea will be at the sole risk of patrons/visitors. Children must be under responsible adult supervision at all times.
    • The Wilds Fishing Lodge has open fire pits, outdoor braai areas and gas operated appliances. All patrons/visitors make use of these facilities at their own risk. Children must be under responsible adult supervision at all times. Any damages resulting from unattended fires or hot coals will be at the expense of the patron/visitor.
  5. The Wilds Fishing Lodge does not express or imply any warranties or guarantees with respect to the properties’ services and facilities other than what is contained in the agreement between the parties.
  6. This Policy will be emailed to the person responsible for making the booking and if no written query relating to the indemnity and disclaimers is received prior to occupation, it will be assumed that the person making the booking acknowledges that he/she has read, understands and agrees to the Terms and Conditions and the lodge Rules, and that he/she has shared and informed the rest of the party members of his group.

The Wilds General Policy Doc – latest

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