Both units are powered by solar for lighting and charging of cell phones (only). The units use a combination of gas and solar for its fridges and stove. There is a generator on site that serves as a backup but also provides for additional lighting and usage of the onsite electrical appliances such as  microwave, electric kettle etc. for 3hrs every night, as well as charging of any other electronic equipment. Use of the generator does come at an additional cost if used outside the allocated 3 hrs per night.


Both Units are equipped with gas and solar powered freezers.

Fisherman’s Alcove

  • 1x210l gas freezer
  • 1x250l gas fridge/freezer combo
  • 1 x 260l solar freezer (Best for baits & fish caught)

Please note: For the gas freezers (in particular), patrons need to be careful not to pack the freezers to the top and to rather spread-out meat items between the freezers. Beverages should be added as and when needed. The lodge has 2 x 210l AC freezers on standby but arrangements can also be made with management to switch these on if additional space is required for meat items.


As mentioned earlier, The Wilds boasts a huge lapa and braai area for the Main House patrons, where they can enjoy an outdoor meal, quench their thirst, play a game of cards,  or just relax and chat away with family/friends whilst enjoying the ocean view and immediate surroundings. Patrons booked into the Fishermans Alcove are not left out as they have a huge portable braai & potjie stand in the covered veranda area (adjacent to the kitchen), where they to can chill and relax whilst enjoying an outdoor cooked meal.


We have two helpers who provide housekeeping (Elizabeth) & yard maintenance (Villella) services daily. All their costs are included in the daily rate. Elizabeth is responsible for  household cleaning and will also bake bread or make fat cakes if you like. You just need to bring the relevant ingredients along. If required, she can also make your breakfasts for an additional fee. The fee will be used to source another helper to assist with cleaning.

SERVICE TIMES: Housekeeping, Yard Maintenance & Night-Watchman

Main House

  • Housekeeping is from 08:00am to 04:30pm
  • Yard Maintenance services is from 07:30am to 05:00pm
  • The night watchmen is on duty from 06:00pm to 06:00am

Fisherman’s Alcove

  • Housekeeping is from 08:00am to 12:00pm.
  • Yard maintenance is split (i.e. 07:30am to 09:30am & 04:00pm – 06:00pm).
  • Night-watchman is not included unless requested (at an additional cost).

* You are welcome to tip our staff at the end of your stay.


  • Cutlery and Linen (sheet, pillow/case, duvet) is provided but patrons are welcome to bring their own if that is their preference, and to bring blankets for added warmth during the winter months.
  • Please bring your own bath towels and consumables such as toilet paper, air freshener, matches, candles, bug spray, bin bags, flashlight, hand wash detergent etc. If not sure you are welcome to contact our admin office.
  • Patrons must please bring their own bottled water for drinking, although  treated water is supplied from the nearby dam (when available) via the taps installed along the road in the village and other locations . Please note that these taps tend to run dry from time to time, particularly outside the rainy season.
  • The showers, toilets and sinks are supplied with rain water collected in our water tanks, but due to the scarcity of water patrons are requested to use water sparingly, for example limiting showers to once a day per patron.
  • The lodge makes use of a septic tank and given the complexities with this type of system,  we request that patrons please avoid discarding objects such as sanitary napkins, tampons, disposable nappies or any other product that does not break down easily, as it will cause the septic tank to block.
  • There are shops in the village but they sell the bare essentials hence please stock up appropriately before arriving. Should there be a need, the  Ngcwanguba store carries a good range of products and is about a 60min drive from the lodge.
  • You don’t need a 4×4 to get to our lodge (accept for the rainy season) but a vehicle with higher clearance is recommended. You can get to us in a small car but would need to take it very slow on the gravel road.


Patrons to please read through and take note of the lodges  BOOKING POLICY and the GENERAL POLICY.

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