Welcome to The Wilds Fishing Lodge

Mpame - The Wilds


The Wilds Fishing Lodge makes an ideal destination for family holidays, group fishing trips and romantic trips alike. It is sure to satiate the hunger of all those seeking adventure, fun and relaxation.

Our lodge is perfectly positioned, offering a remote and serene setting with spectacular open views of the ocean and rolling hills that lovingly embrace the livestock grazing upon its lush green grass.  At night as you relax and enjoy the sounds of a crackling fire you will be awed by the stars in the clear night sky and after a good night’s sleep, you will wake to the sounds of the big blue sea or the crowing rooster, braying donkey or the chatter of the locals easing into the dawn of a brand new day.



The Wilds is a self-catering lodge designed with both the angler and non-angler in mind. It offers comfortable accommodation in a beautiful, laid- back and peaceful setting. The lodge is able to accommodate both large and smaller groups. It consists of two units (13 sleeper Main house & 10 sleeper Fisherman’s Alcove). 


Our rates are seasonal and budget friendly with no compromise on comfort and quality. 



It’s never to early to escape the hustle & bustle of city life so give yourself permission to slow down, relax & unwind into a flip-flop, sandy toes state of mind. As the saying goes…….’Beach more and worry less’……. ‘Where the mind goes, the body will follow’……. so pack your bags and head on over……..The Wilds awaits.